3D Training Workshop 2011 Summer Schedule

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3D Training Workshop 2011 Summer Schedule

Shawn Gilmore

The 3D Film Factory’s popular “hands-on” 3D Training Workshops announces its 2011 Summer Schedule for Los Angeles and San Diego sessions.

These information-packed classes cover » principles of 3D filmmaking “tour dé force”- 3D camera choices - gen-lock issues - re-lighting for 3D - 3D rigs vs. dual fixed lens cameras - calibrate & prep - 3D shooting ratios demystified - who’s watching depth, pop & parallax - convergence abuse - achieving perfect 3D alignment - professional 3D vs. amateur - 3D post workflows for Dummies - 3D exhibition - and all the other tools you need to create amazing, eye-catching 3D.

Workshops are geared for individuals and production companies preparing to shoot a stereoscopic 3D production - commercial, doc, feature.   So, in addition to learning 3D theory, you’ll spend the majority of the day, actually filming with 3D camera systems – beam-splitter, side-by-side & real-time 3D production monitors.

June 1st
June 25th
July 12th
July 30th
August 9th
August 27th

May 22nd
May 24th
June 14th
June 21st
July 19th
August 16th

Workshop instructors are veteran stereographers with years of 3D production experience.  They’ve shot for Fortune 500 companies & 3D Channels Worldwide and now they’re ready to impart their knowledge to you.

For More Information or Registration visit www.3DFilmFactory.com or call 619.384.4014 or email info@3dfilmfactory.com